Black Bear Techs carefully selects the most effective automation technologies for each customers specific project and programs them specifically to meet your needs. Automation of your property can provide a more inviting environment for guests by adjusting lighting or cooling based on occupancy. You can more practically save energy by reducing costs when no person is present or receive notification in real-time when a change happens in your space.

Smart Home Installation

Every home can benefit from Smart technology that makes your life easier and creates a more comfortable environment. Start with the basics like a Smart Lock or Smart Thermostat to save energy and increase security. Add in lights, cameras, and environmental monitoring to create the automated environment just right for you. See below to learn more about specific smart home technologies we offer.

Smart Thermostat

Control the temperature remotely, set schedules, or see historical data about your HVAC systems’ performance. Smart Thermostats enable you to control your temperature from anywhere and usually result in energy savings for the property.

Smart Locks

A smart lock offers both security and flexibility, letting you control your property’s access with your mobile device. Black Bear Techs offers smart locks that integrate with leading security and home automation manufacturers already in many homes. Never question if you remembered to lock the door and feel safe with flexible features like one-time access codes and real-time notifications when your lock is used.

Automated Lights

Automated lights enable you to provide a welcoming space for guests that’s safe and feels comfortable, skipping the awkward process of opening a door or finding a light switch in the dark. We automate businesses and homes to be responsive to people and always feel ready to walk in. We also offer holiday, event, and specialty lighting services for decorations, parties, or galas.

Smart Cameras

Smart Cameras provide additional features like real-time notifications of movement, face recognition, can trigger lights and other automated events, unlike traditional camera systems that allow a user to view live or record. Black Bear Techs is a NestPro installer for residential properties and offers professional, smart camera options for businesses and enterprise environments.

Environmental Monitoring

Environmental monitoring gives you real-time information about your property, including lights, temperature, water flow, utility services, doors, windows, motion sensors, and more. You or a designated person monitors these systems you allow using a mobile app or text and email notifications. Environmental monitoring will enable you to be aware and responds right away to conditions on your property without expensive monthly contracts or monitoring by another company.



Black Bear Techs is a licensed and insured professional Locksmith specializing in electronic locks.



Black Bear Techs is licensed to provide Burglar Alarms, Fire Alarms, and Personal Emergency Response Systems.



Black Bear Techs carefully selects the most effective automation technologies for each customers specific project and programs them specifically to meet your needs.