There is so much to accomplish in your day, wouldn’t it be nice if your house was able to manage itself? Home automation makes it easy to connect your entire home, so everything works together to make entertainment systems easier to use, homes more comfortable and energy efficient, and families more secure.

A connected home should not be a complex home. That’s why Black Bear Techs and the integrated devices that work in your Smart Home Ecosystem, deliver simple, intuitive, personalized control that allows the devices in your home to work together in orchestration. All designed exclusively with YOU in mind.

Begin enjoying the advantages of a Black Bear Techs Smart Home today, including:

ENERGY EFFICIENCY – With Smart Home Automation, you can control when lights are turned on or off, or when the heating and cooling systems are needed.

PROTECTION – While away on vacation, you can be alerted if there are unsafe conditions at home such as fire, carbon monoxide leak, water damage, or a freeze warning.

  • CONVENIENCE – No one likes coming home to a dark house. With a touch of a button, you can turn on lights before you arrive!